Tweet Storm to Stop the #TNCoonHunt


1      @crockettffa @UM_MemphisConference @StJude Don’t traumatize Tn children #TnCoonHunt

2     @BillHaslam @crockettffa Don’t allow the slaughter of Tn State Animal

3     @crockettffa @BillHaslam hunting linked to domestic violence #TnCoonHunt

4     @UM_Memphisconference @crockettffa killing coons brings kids to Christ? WTH? #TnCoonHunt

5     @UM_Memphisconference @crockettffa Thou shall not kill #TnCoonHunt

6     Sign the petition to stop #TnCoonHunt

7    @UM_Memphisconference @crockettffa They are not yours to kill. #TnCoonHunt

8      @crockettffa @UM_Memphisconference Don’t kill Tn Raccoons #TnCoonHunt

9     @Um_Memphisconference @crockettffa your responsibility to teach kids love and compassion #TnCoonHunt

10     Please sign petition to help protect wildlife #TnCoonHunt.

11     @crockettffa @nationalffa guns not safe for kids #TnCoonHunt

12     @crockettffa @nationalffa don’t contribute to gun violence in children #TnCoonHunt

13     @crockettffa @UM_Memphisconference Don’t teach kids the thrill of the kill. #TnCoonHunt

14     @crockettffa @nationalffa trophy hunting linked to serial killers #TnCoonHunt

15     @UM_Memphisconference @StJude trophy hunting linked to serial killing #TnCoonHunt

16     @crockettffa @tennessean Tn raccoons not protected. #TnCoonHunt

17     @_TWOA @Tennessean please protect raccoons . Stop the #TnCoonHunt

18      @_TWOA_ @Tennessean Please stop #TnCoonHunt

19     @crockettffa @Titans #TnCoonHunt kills famous Tn mascot.

20     @Titans protect T-Rac stop the #TnCoonHunt

21     @crockettffa @UM_MemphisConference Because nothing says Christian like killing innocent animals #TnCoonHunt

22     @tnwildlife @nationalffa @StJude Who will protect Tn Raccoons?

23      @tnwildlife It is your job to protect tn wildlife . Do your job and stop #TnCoonHunt

24     @tnwildlife You allow the slaughter of Tn raccoons.. Please stop the hunt #TnCoonHunt

25     @tnwildlife @crockettffa There are better ways to teach kids about the outdoors other than #TnCoonHunt

26     @tnwildlife @BillHaslam Protect Tn Official State Animal . Stop #TnCoonHunt

27     @StJude Stop accepting blood sport money from #TnCoonHunt

28     @tnwildlife @BillHaslam @TnRoundtable #TnCoonHunt is bad for Tennessee Tourism

29     @StJude by taking blood money fron #TnCoonHunt you are condoning the slaughter of innocent animals

30     @tnwildlife @BillHaslam @TnRoundtable This is not what Tn should be known for #TnCoonHunt

31     @crockettffa @UM_MemphisConference @StJude Show compassion to tn wildlife and stop the #TnCoonHunt

32     @crockettffa @nationalffa @UM_Memphisconference Raccoons are to cute to slaughter #TnCoonHunt

33    @tnwildlife @BillHaslam @crockettffa raccoons are beneficial to the eco system, get the facts #TnCoonHunt

34     @tnwildlife Tn raccoons are important part of the food chain. Don’t break the chain #TnCoonHunt

35     @crockettffa @tnwildlife hunting raccoons does not help population control #TnCoonHunt

36     @crockettffa @UM_MethodistConference This is what compassionate children look like

37     @StJude @MarloThomas children should be taught to love and respect animals not kill

38     @StJude @MarloThomas. Don’t accept donations from inhumane #TnCoonHunt

39     @StJude @MarloThomas December 12 sad day for Tn Raccoons. Don’t condone #TnCoonHunt

40      @anonymous @OpFunKill We are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget #TnCoonHunt

41     @StJude @MarloThomas Give the gift of life this holiday season #TnCoonHunt

42      @StJude @MarloThomas @Crockettffa They are counting on you to do the right thing. #TnCoonHunt

43      @crockettffa @BillHaslam I hear BANJOS. This is bad for Tn #TnCoonHunt

44     @BillHaslam @crockettffa this what happens when children are taught to handle guns #TnCoonHunt

45      @crockettffa @UM_Memphisconference A Sport to you a family to her #TnCoonHunt

46      @Tennessean @TnWildlife Prize for killing baby raccoons is sick #TnCoonHunt

47      @peta please help us stop this! #TnCoonHunt

48     @peta children should be taught love and compassion towards animals not this #TnCoonHunt

49     @peta help stop this from happening in 21st century #TnCoonHunt

50        Please join the #tweetstorm to stop the #TnCoonHunt heres the #TweetSheet-

51     .@POTUS @USFWS @Interior @HouseFloor @SenateFloor @WhiteHouse @DirectorDanAshe We the people demand change!


Tweets by  Lori Sullens  and  Monica Bycroft Created for the Tweet Storm event Stop the #TnCoonHunt

Thank you everyone 🙂  ♥







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