South African Fight for Rhino- Tweet Sheet

Click each link to tweet and don’t forget top share the page and sign petitions! Thank you for your support! ❤

1   Peaceful gathering.Sandton 24 September #rhino_call_for_action

2    Call4action.Marshalls needed peaceful gathering Sandton Sept 24th. #rhino_call_for_action @theprice_film @africageo

3  Please sign & share … via @Change

4   Call for action. Web . Pls Donate. Peaceful gathering. Cites Sandton. #rhino_call_for_action

5    This is our fight now! Peaceful gathering. Sandton 24 Sept. @DStv @SABC3 #rhino_call_for_action

6   Peaceful Unity gathering. Free. Sandton 24th Sept. @CROWAAfrica #rhino_call_for_action

7   #rhino_call_for_action … @runwild4animals @AfricanWoman14 @KCTV5Newsdesk @POWER987News @SkyNews @SkyNewsTonight

8    #rhino_call_for_action … @guardiannews @guardian @guardianeco @5050TV @morningespresso @awpfnow @AfricanConsExp

9    #rhino_call_for_action … @City_Press @therapport @TimesLIVE @SundayTimesZA @TimesLiveNews @mailandguardian

10    #rhino_call_for_action … @LostTimeRhino @CMJordaan @BonnieMes @RekordNewspaper @RoyalBafokeng @eNCA @environmentza

11   #rhino_call_for_action … Marshals needed! @foe_us @pauldvi @Cynful4 @JGvanZyl_ZA @dailymaverick @TheStarKenya

12   #rhino_call_for_action #Lastrhinostanding Last male N. white #rhino #Sudan relaxing weekend

13   Raffle 4 laidback #getaway @ Sand Forest Lodge. R100 a ticket

14   Raffle 4 a nice #getaway @ Sand Forest Lodge. R100 a ticket

15    Raffle 4 luxury getaway @ Legends Golf & Safari Resort. R250 a ticket

16   Raffle 4 Luxury getaway @ Mt Savannah Game Lodge. R250 a ticket.

17   Raffle 4 Luxury getaway @ Kololo Game Lodge R250 a ticket.

18   Win Avroy Shlain 4 Ladies & Men Raffle ticket = R150. Contact or DM @SARhinoFight 4 details.

19   Win a luxury getaway for 2. Raffle Tickets cost R350 email or DM @SARhinoFight for details

20    Pls sign share & tweet for the #Rhino population! … #rhino_call_for_action

21    Please RT/S/S #RhinoPoaching …

22   Pls support for the sake of African animals! #Rhino #elephant #Lion #rhino_call_to_action

23   Join us! Sandton! 24 Sept! peaceful gathering #rhino_call_for_action #CITES

24  #rhino_call_for_action Help us Help them! #WHWF #EthicalConservation …

25   .@CITES @john_cites My life matters too! Upgrade rhinos to Appendix 1 #cites #rhino_call_to_action

26    Chinese think rhino horn for male enhancement? TRY VIAGRA! Better yet, #dont procreate #rhino_call_to_action

27   Poachers beware touch this rhino you will be dealt with! #rhino_call_to_action

28   .@CITES This situation is desperate! Upgrade rhinos Appendix 1! #rhino_call_to_ action

29   Tell @CITES to upgrade rhinos to Appendix 1! It needs to happen NOW! #rhino_call_to_action

30   A rhino baby always needs it’s mom! @cites upgrade rhino to protected! #noorphans

31   .@CITES @RacingXtinction Rhinos hang by a thread! Pls save them for future generations

32   .@CITES Stop hunting permits for killing #Rhinos! No #Extinction ! #Rhino_call_to_action

33   .@CITES @UN @China Only 3 white rhino left, your lack of regulation & action have caused this! #Rhino_call_to_action

34   .@CITES @UN Rhino 2nd largest land mammal going extinct on your watch! #Rhino_call_to_action

35  .@CITES @UN #Rhinos have been here for 50 million years now on brink of #extinction!

36   .@Clintonfdn pls support the South African Rhinos! #Rhino_call_to_Action

37 … Pls support SAFFR’s fundraising. Stunning prize to be won.

38   .@dodo @CNN @MSNBC Pls support South Africans peaceful gathering! #Rhino_call_to_action

39 … Pls support SAFFR’s fundraising. Stunning prizes to be won.

40   Pls support South African’s peaceful gathering! #Rhino_call_to_action

Tweets by Tracy King for South African fight for Rhinos

Special thanks to Cynthia for tweet contributions ❤

Please use the share button to spread the word! thanks for your support! ❤ 🙂


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