Justice For Caleb – Tweet Sheet

Pls click each link to tweet and sign the petitions. Thank you.

1      $15000 reward @RDR_NYC for info about the puppy Caleb’s rapist/killer #JusticeForCaleb in Georgia #GA pic.twitter.com/omkZ2XuBcM

2     .@FLOTUS “71% of women w/ pets, entering domestic violence shelters, said perp abused their pets” – #HSUS #CalebsLaw pic.twitter.com/D8QpWrTxar

3    .@ATLFireRescue $15000 reward @RDR_NYC for info about puppy Caleb’s rapist/killer #JusticeForCaleb. #Atlanta Georgia pic.twitter.com/omkZ2XuBcM

4   .@HillaryClinton We need federal laws for severe animal abuse & it should be a felony. http://blog.fido4ever.com/remembering-caleb-3-month-old-puppy-tortured-tossed-fence-succumbs-injuries/ … pic.twitter.com/w4pfA1HerC

5   .@Cityofatlanta Fulton animal services says a regular occurrence & Worse! Needs serious attention. #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/w4pfA1HerC

6    Sign / Share for Caleb #JusticeForCaleb #ASPCA #RIPcaleb #OpBeast http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/justice4calebthetorturedpuppy … pic.twitter.com/GjMQXA8KeW

7    .@SenatorLesniak @TimKaine We need federal laws for severe animal abuse. Serious concern! http://blog.fido4ever.com/remembering-caleb-3-month-old-puppy-tortured-tossed-fence-succumbs-injuries/ … pic.twitter.com/w4pfA1HerC

8   .@GAFollowers @GaPrepsNews Reward for info leading to the rapist animal abuser. $15,000 #JusticeForCaleb #Atlanta pic.twitter.com/omkZ2XuBcM

9   .@FultonCountyDA This is despicable! Caleb is poster child for animal cruelty in Fulton county. We want action! pic.twitter.com/zkxT1I2WW0

10    .@TheEllenShow We need federal laws for severe animal abuse. Pls help #JusticeForcaleb http://blog.fido4ever.com/remembering-caleb-3-month-old-puppy-tortured-tossed-fence-succumbs-injuries/ … pic.twitter.com/w4pfA1HerC

11   Pls RT- Abused puppy dies after dumped in woman’s yard #JusticeForCaleb #OpBeast http://2wsb.tv/2bu7iIl via @wsbtv pic.twitter.com/w4pfA1HerC

12   .@Atlanta_Police @FultonSheriff Pls do a FULL investigation. I hope local sex offenders will be checked & DNA? pic.twitter.com/zkxT1I2WW0

13   $15000 reward from Rescue Dogs Rock NYC to find the lowlife who tortured & raped me #JusticeforCaleb #Georgia #ASPCA pic.twitter.com/omkZ2XuBcM

14   My name was Caleb. MY LIFE MATTERED! Pls find info on who did this to me & call Atlanta police dept #JusticeforCaleb pic.twitter.com/Ups8vRplju

15   .@HillaryClinton Caleb died -burned, starved, raped, broken tooth by a psycho still on the loose! #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/rVdVVvsBUB

16   #Atlanta EVIL WALKS AMONG YOU! FIND THE MONSTER. Caleb is dead after extreme & sinister torture. #JusticeForCaleb http://fb.me/7OdiDuKur

17  .@POTUS Sad & outraged over this. A 3 m/o puppy named Caleb was dumped in August & died-> #JusticeForCaleb #Atlanta pic.twitter.com/IofMBoIcCX

18   .@CNN @PamFoundation 3 MO. OLD CALEB WAS SODOMIZED, BURNED, STARVED AND BONES BROKEN! WHO DID THIS? #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/9bum7OfGiN

19    .@huffingtonPost Abused puppy dies after dumped in woman’s yard #JusticeForCaleb http://2wsb.tv/2bu7iIl via @wsbtv pic.twitter.com/w4pfA1HerC

20  .@Atlanta_Police Psychology says animal abuse leads to serial killers WE WANT THIS SCUM LOCKED UP #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/w4pfA1HerC

21   .@SenatorLesniak @CoryBooker http://blog.fido4ever.com/found-tossed-fence-tortured-3-month-old-puppy-fighting-hard-life/ … We need Caleb’s Law! Harsher punishment for animal abuse! #JusticeForCaleb #Atlanta

22    .@SenateDems A call for Caleb’s law. A public safety issue & stop Cruelty! #JusticeForCaleb http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/190750457-story pic.twitter.com/zkxT1I2WW0

23   .@GovernorDeal Torture/rape/death of Caleb @FultonAnimal says common! We need Caleb’s Law! https://www.change.org/p/congress-enact-caleb-s-law-we-need-a-federal-animal-protection-law-now/ pic.twitter.com/9bum7OfGiN

24    .@wsbradio $15000 reward @RDR_NYC for info about the puppy Caleb’s rapist/killer #JusticeForCaleb in Georgia #GA pic.twitter.com/sfwICyJaty

25   .@AnimalRRights pls help we need Caleb’s law. 15k reward leading to arrest of Caleb killer. #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/omkZ2XuBcM

26    .@Hillaryclinton We need Caleb’s Law! Cat strangled, eyes popped out. They bragged! http://www.rightrelevance.com/search/articles/hero pic.twitter.com/OuzVOpicSe

27   #justiceforcaleb. Psychology Today, animal abuse leads to rapists & serial killers. WE WANT THIS SCUM LOCKED UP. pic.twitter.com/1RyKfUnQNe

28    .@GAsenateDems A call for Caleb’s law. Public safety issue & stop Cruelty! #JusticeForCaleb http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/190750457-story pic.twitter.com/zkxT1I2WW0

29   .@GovernorDeal @GAsenateDems Criminal who tortured Caleb is still at large. Same thing 8 years ago, same witness. pic.twitter.com/zkxT1I2WW0

30   .@SenateDems @Whitehouse Criminally insane animal torturers are tomorrows serial killers! #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/9bum7OfGiN

31   Sign the Petition! #JusticeForCaleb #PETA #PETAUK #GrumpyCat https://www.change.org/p/congress-enact-caleb-s-law-we-need-a-federal-animal-protection-law-now/ pic.twitter.com/WKVixHtgKY

32    .@GAsenateDems 1000’s of Calebs weekly. The public wants #justiceforCaleb How many kittens & dogs must be tortured? pic.twitter.com/ZeAhtjADKY

33    .@SenateDems #IamCaleb #StopTheTorture Thousands of dogs tortured/killed weekly in Georgia! Public says NO MORE! pic.twitter.com/lMwtQzsaQz

34   #Dogs #Cats @dogsTrust Please sign the Petition & share! #JusticeForCaleb https://www.change.org/p/congress-enact-caleb-s-law-we-need-a-federal-animal-protection-law-now/ pic.twitter.com/731eBTwTb0

35    What You Should Do If You See Animal Cruelty #JusticeForCaleb http://www.rightrelevance.com/search/articles/hero?article=0afacc49a770fda90ae45817c9342469f4a4c8ec pic.twitter.com/6ulhGJbI3w

36    .@SenatorAlloway Please introduce ‘Libre’s Law’ legislation #JusticeforCaleb http://www.mybendbroadband.com/news/read/category/State/article/the_patriotnews-libres_law_legislation_would_hike_penalties_for_th-tca#.V7SDxWllrwM.twitter … pic.twitter.com/w4pfA1HerC

37   Another Caleb starved to death- Iowa’s lax cruelty laws grant probation #JusticeForCaleb http://wcfcourier.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/man-gets-probation-in-dog-death/article_3fd5a70e-da12-515f-8360-d54225610aee.html … pic.twitter.com/lCuwoBCu1e

38  #AnimalRights #VoteHumane He was burned, starved, raped, broken jaw & died #JusticeForCaleb https://www.change.org/p/congress-enact-caleb-s-law-we-need-a-federal-animal-protection-law-now/ pic.twitter.com/WKVixHtgKY

39   .@HillaryClinton We need a harsh federal law! #JusticeForCaleb Cat glued to road puts focus on animal cruelty laws http://www.morrissuntribune.com/content/cat-glued-road-puts-focus-animal-cruelty-laws#.V7SJ-sPFsE4.twitter …

40   Cigarette burns, cuts, TORTURED! help GA police find murderer. No one should die like this #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/08l7bOJE2s

41   .@GovernorDeal Thousands tortured & euthanized weekly in Georgia. #NoMoreCalebs #JusticeforCaleb #MyLifeMatters pic.twitter.com/MVOcXqGmVA

42   No unwanted puppies tortured! Join this group. https://m.facebook.com/nomorepuppies/ #justiceforCaleb pic.twitter.com/WsNoUEnbm2

43    .@Atlanta_Police 1000’s of Calebs weekly. Public wants #justiceforCaleb. How many kittens & dogs must be tortured? pic.twitter.com/ZeAhtjADKY

44  .@Braves @AtlantaFalcons Help Atlanta police find the sadist pond scum who tortured & murdered me! #JusticeForCaleb. pic.twitter.com/k6OHNbuIhw

45   Retweet to save future Calebs! Dont let Calebs death be in vain. The time is now #justiceforCaleb #dosomething pic.twitter.com/Kv5KfXww00

46   .@POTUS #JusticeforCaleb #WeDemandChange Full investigations & harsher penalties! No more animal holocaust pic.twitter.com/jCEA1PQtj0

47   .@CNN @peta @HuffingtonPost @DailyMail @dodo Pls report! No puppy deserves this torture. We want #justiceforcaleb pic.twitter.com/zZ26wStuWz

48   .@Senatorfort Atlanta police say this is “common” #JusticeforCaleb. A sick psycho lives amongst us! #NoMoreCalebs pic.twitter.com/THXfRVwNBP

49   .@KasimReed The public wants #JusticeForCaleb It’s a public safety issue pls help. Happens daily in #Atlanta pic.twitter.com/qucMfxyugf

50    .@CNN @HillaryClinton @rickygervais @Barbi_Twins Pls help and share! https://www.change.org/p/congress-enact-caleb-s-law-we-need-a-federal-animal-protection-law-now/ #justiceforcaleb pic.twitter.com/wUdOi2yvCF

51    .@FultonSheriff 1000’s of Calebs weekly. Public wants #justiceforCaleb. How many kittens & dogs must be tortured? pic.twitter.com/ZeAhtjADKY

52   .@FultonAnimal have fliers made 4 #JusticeForCaleb $15k reward to catch the monster that tortured 3 month old puppy pic.twitter.com/omkZ2XuBcM

53  .@FultonSheriff plz put pressure on finding the monster who tortured& caused the death of #Caleb #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/ckpvAmIK4g

54  .@RDR_NYC thank U so much 4 everything U did 4 #Caleb. U eased his pain & gave him love B4 he died! #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/WSyqlOC1OA

55   .@wsbtv plz stay on top of investigation of 3 month old Caleb’s Torture! Never forget!#JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/C1jdMK2ImZ

56    .@KasimReed #JusticeForCaleb Tortured 3 month old puppy thrown over fence died from sexual abuse http://petrescuereport.com/2016/tortured-3-month-old-puppy-tossed-fence-fighting-life/ … via @cheryldhanna

57    .@peta #JusticeForCaleb Tortured 3-month-old puppy tossed over fence died from sexual abuse http://petrescuereport.com/2016/tortured- … via @cheryldhanna

58   .@BettyMWhite plz be a voice 4 #Caleb-3 m/o puppy raped, tortured in @AtlantaGeorgi @FultonInfo http://petrescuereport.com/2016/tortured-3-month-old-puppy-tossed-fence-fighting-li

59    .@CoryBooker We need to enforce laws to stop animal cruelty! #JusticeForCaleb! Hear his screams of torture! http://petrescuereport.com/2016/tortured-3-month-old-puppy-tossed-fence-fighting-life/

60   .@HillaryClinton we need to enforce laws to stop animal cruelty! #JusticeForcaleb #WeAreAllCaleb http://petrescuereport.com/2016/tortured-3-month-old-puppy-tossed-fence-fighting-life/

61   .@GovernorDeal @FultonCountyDA yet another case of animal cruelty! When will it end! #JusticeForCaleb http://bit.ly/29WhJ7P?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter_WDEFNews12 …

62   .@GovernorDeal How can you ignore these cries? They are cries of torture. #Caleb was just a puppy! #JusticeForCaleb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfoIfVEPVHg

63   .@peta please help get #JusticeForCaleb. The 3 month old baby was tortured & raped! His screams were horrific! pic.twitter.com/dw46pDvrrJ

64   .@FultonCountyDA reward is now $7500 to catch monster that tortured & raped #Caleb! #JusticeForCaleb-C video https://vimeo.com/179233521?outro=1 …

65   .@jlewis4congress #Caleb was tortured & Raped! Demand full investigation! #JusticeForCaleb http://meredithaz.worldnow.com/story/32762448/justice-for-caleb-fulton-county-abuse-prompts-nationwide-outpouring

66  .@FultonSheriff #Caleb was raped! He was tortured! Perform rape kit! Get DNA! #JusticeForCaleb! http://petrescuereport.com/2016/tortured-

67   .@FultonCountyVet #JusticeForCaleb Tortured 3mo old pup tossed over fence died from sexual abuse https://www.change.org/p/congress-enact-caleb-s-law-we-need-a-federal-animal-protection-law-now

68   .@billmaher #JusticeForCaleb Tortured 3 month old puppy thrown over fence died from sexual abuse http://petrescuereport.com/2016/tortured- … via @cheryldhanna

69   .@FultonCountyDA #JusticeForCaleb Tortured 3 mo old pup tossed over fence died from sexual abuse http://petrescuereport.com/2016/tortured- … via @cheryldhanna

70   .@HillaryClinton plz be voice for 3 month old pup #Caleb who was tortured & Raped to death! http://petrescuereport.com/2016/tortured-3-month-old-puppy-tossed-fence-fighting-life/ …

71  .@BettyMWhite plz be voice for 3 month old #Caleb who was tortured & raped to death! #JusticeForCaleb https://www.change.org/p/congress-enact-caleb-s-law-we-need-a-federal-animal-protection-law-now

72    .@POTUS The laws must change NOW to stop these atrocities against innocent animals! Plz read Caleb’s story! http://thearra.com/2016/08/14/the-world-mourns-passing-of-puppy-victim-of-torture-reward-offered/ …

73  .@CoryBooker plz be voice for #Caleb 3 month old pup tortured & raped to death! http://thearra.com/2016/08/14/the-world-mourns-passing-of-puppy-victim-of-torture-reward-offered/ …

74   .@Barbi_Twins plz be a voice for #Calib 3 month old pup tortured & raped to death!#JusticeForcaleb https://www.change.org/p/congress-enact-caleb-s-law-we-need-a-federal-animal-protection-law-now

75   Speak out on animal abuse! #JusticeForCaleb #JusticeForLibre Petition: http://pac.petitions.moveon.org/sign/justice-for-lancaster-1?source=s.icn.tw&fb_test=0&r_by=16259751 pic.twitter.com/YDkTlPpK04

76   .@JerryBrownGov J. SMITH elephant abuser! Suffocates & stuns. Please prosecute! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/262/586/206/prosecute-brutally-cruel-elephant-trainer-joanne-smith/ … pic.twitter.com/egBz55i9fk

77   #JusticeForCaleb Please sign all 3 Petitions! #JusticeForLibre https://twitterstorms.wordpress.com/2016/08/19/justiceforcaleb/ via @BreezeCyclone

78   .@action4ifaw please help to get #JusticeForCaleb! http://petrescuereport.com/2016/devastating-news-caleb-3-month-old-tortured-puppy-passed-away/ …

79    Please sign/share/tweet this petition to get #JusticeForCaleb & all animals. https://www.change.org/p/congress-enact-caleb-s-law-we-need-a-federal-animal-protection-law-now pic.twitter.com/yfvWXEpnTG

80    .@WilkersonCBS46 Will you add these petitions to your article? #JusticeForCaleb https://twitterstorms.wordpress.com/2016/08/19/justiceforcaleb/ via @BreezeCyclone

81    PETITION – Please s/s tweet this petition! #JusticeForCaleb #JusticeForLibre ! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/139/879/459/justice-for-caleb/?taf_id=28193087&cid=fb_na#bbfb=593937554 … pic.twitter.com/srzcNt9OKr

82   #justiceforcaleb. Pls like “no more puppies Georgia” to help future Georgia puppies https://m.facebook.com/nomorepuppies/ pic.twitter.com/Q9RNr8r6Zt

83   .@potus @flotus @hillaryclinton @ housedems @housegop We want passage of “Calebs Law” No more torture of dogs!! pic.twitter.com/1MTR4tBhHP

84    We are all Caleb – I was beaten and stabbed. Support Caleb’s Law. No one deserves to be tortured. #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/j7b1vegcUm

85     .@Whitehouse Monroe was shot & beaten. Pls Support Caleb’s Law to get #JusticeForCaleb. #nokill coalition pic.twitter.com/IzFaG05qqj

86   Say: Please do a thorough & full investigation #JusticeForCaleb +1 404-613-5700 +1 404-613-3005 +1 404-613-3005 pic.twitter.com/yVf5W5jTj7

87   Word on the street is… #JusticeForcaleb #Atlanta #Georgia Hope the sick killer gets caught soon! pic.twitter.com/EJ3oJ5SIDM

88  @peta @rickygervais @Barbi_Twins @LisaVanderpump Support “Calebs Law” no more torture of pets! #justiceforcaleb pic.twitter.com/VDstacG54z

89   Pls pass “Calebs Law” No pet deserves this! We want strict punishments. #justiceforcaleb. # Calebslaw pic.twitter.com/5CA1jGni1S

90 .@Flotus @HillaryClinton @timkaine Pls support Caleb’s law #JusticeForCaleb https://www.change.org/p/congress-enact-caleb-s-law-we-need-a-federal-animal-protection-law-now/ … pic.twitter.com/LEza8fp0sh

91   Anon responds to #JusticeForcaleb #OpBeast Thank you @Anonorpheus https://videopress.com/v/bCc7Udl5

92    .@RDR_NYC Thank you for starting a fundraiser for #JusticeForCaleb #RIPCaleb #OpBeast Donate http://conta.cc/2b6PIuB pic.twitter.com/qukvmdFaon

93   .@fultonsheriff Hope you are investigating Caleb’s abuser. Sicko could strike next on humans! #JusticeForCaleb http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/ga-man-accused-killing-teens-pets-imaginary-animal-court-article-1.2740838

94   .@USAnonymous @voice_anon thank U 4 being a voice 4 #Caleb #JusticeForCaleb! #Respect https://www.facebook.com/events/1599526997013335/?ti=icl https://themonstersamongus.com/2016/08/18/citizens-of-the-world-we-are-anonymous-we-do-not-forget-we-do-not-forgive-expect-us-justiceforcaleb/ …

95   We demand #JusticeForCaleb 3 mo old pup was tortured, starved, raped, burnt w/cigarettes & murdered http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfoIfVEPVHg&sns=tw … via @youtube

96   Thank U .@AnonymousEqual #JusticeForCaleb Video of baby Caleb screaming from torture https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sfoIfVEPVHg … https://themonstersamongus.com/2016/08/18/citizens-of-the-world-we-are-anonymous-we-do-not-forget-we-do-not-forgive-expect-us-justiceforcaleb/ …

97    SIGN to Introduce An Animal Abuse Register for ALL Abusers! #JusticeForCaleb http://www.thepetitionsite.com/tell-a-friend/18692887 … pic.twitter.com/iezuQ1tt26

98   .@HillaryClinton @SenateDems Animal Cruelty Facts and Statistics #JusticeForcaleb http://bit.ly/1hTDnKw #OpBeast pic.twitter.com/t5GxIOMtAi

99  .@HillaryClinton @Potus Our country is allowing psychos to harm animals & others covering it! We want #CalebsLaw! pic.twitter.com/q6ZBNK93A3

100    Pls fill out a report for Caleb. #JusticeForCaleb #OpBeast #AnimalRights Report Cruelty to Animals http://peta.vg/ywh

101   .@andersoncooper Speak 4 Caleb burned w/cigs starved, broken jaw, raped #JusticeForCaleb https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sfoIfVEPVHg … pic.twitter.com/tM42l8Bots

102   .@andersoncooper Please join our new group #JusticeForCaleb We want #CalebsLaw! https://www.facebook.com/groups/JusticeForCaleb/ pic.twitter.com/DZkLRbqJ7K

103   #JusticeForCaleb – Tweet Sheet Pls RT/Tweet! #JusticeForCecil #JusticeForHarambe https://twitterstorms.wordpress.com/2016/08/21/justice-for-caleb-tweet-sheet/ … via @BreezeCyclone

104   .@FultonSheriff instead of cops shooting puppies they should investigate their killings! #CalebsLaw #JusticeForCaleb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq5VX5clD4c

105   .@HillaryClinton @TimKaine How to protect puppies when cops commonly shoot them too!? #CalebsLaw #JusticeForCaleb http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/bronx/nypd-shoots-kills-bronx-family-beloved-dog-graphic-article-1.2576863

106  .@FultonAnimal why are you back stepping? Your’e saying vet was lying? #Justiceforcaleb http://petrescuereport.com/2016/devastating-news-caleb-3-month-old-tortured-puppy-passed-away/ … pic.twitter.com/KrJC9B2AEX

107 .@fultonAnimal From the photos one can see that Caleb was sodomized! Who are you protecting! #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/KrJC9B2AEX

108   .@FultonSheriff @Atlanta_Police Pls do an investigation Fulton Animal is already backstepping contradicting vet! pic.twitter.com/KrJC9B2AEX

109   #wewantanswers #justiceforcaleb http://thearra.com/2016/08/14/the-world-mourns-passing-of-puppy-victim-of-torture-reward-offered/ …. pic.twitter.com/2jMg2idkQv

110   #JusticeForCaleb on #NationalDogDay @FultonAnimal NOW says little evidence of abuse???? #wtf pic.twitter.com/Bt5hIevtrk

111   .@FultonSheriff @FultonAnimal A crime has been committed, where are police? Please investigate! #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/C2wptt1uDM

112   .@FultonSheriff, @FultonAnimal states “We have no evidence of crime against Caleb”. #Coverup #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/oZ5mCM1DLb

113   .@KasimReed Fulton County Georgia, where are the police? This is a crime! We want #JusticeForCaleb #coverup? pic.twitter.com/vQgJnNOdhv

114   .@FultonSheriff @Atlanta_Police should investigate Rape n Torture of Caleb in the “real world” not @FultonAnimal. pic.twitter.com/oqLiuENuUJ

115   .@FultonSheriff A felony should be taken seriously police. @FultonAnimal has trained detectives? #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/amE116PCd4

116   .@fultonSheriff Investigation seems overwhelming to @FultonAnimal saying it happens daily! #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/VHyOGcCRCy

117   .@FultonSheriff What have U discovered w/investigation of who tortured #Caleb? Why so quiet? @fultonAnimal pic.twitter.com/OAli7rdEd7

118  .@GovernorDeal @FultonSheriff Why is @FultonAnimal investigating a FELONY instead of police?! #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/OAli7rdEd7

119   .@FultonSheriff We wont give up on #JusticeForCaleb You must investigate. @FultonAnimal is NOT qualified. pic.twitter.com/q6ZBNK93A3

120   .@FultonSheriff @Atlanta_Police Did you report to the @FBI? PLEASE Do your jobs! #JusticeForCaleb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqnWAYCEghw&feature=share

121   .@Atlanta_Police @FultonSheriff Pls report to the @FBI are there updates? #NeverForget #JusticeForCaleb pic.twitter.com/16v3Xzd16K

122   Pls sign for Caleb, tortured puppy who died because of a SICK Psychopath! #JusticeForCaleb #Dog #CalebsLaw http://petitions.moveon.org/s/NptQej @moveon

123   .@GovernorDeal We want something done!! #JusticeForCaleb Everyone else please sign! https://www.change.org/p/governor-nathan-deal-ustice-for-caleb-the-3-month-old-puppy-that-was-sodomized-burned-with-cigarettes-etc

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Tweets by Breeze Azrael,   Cindy Zimmermann & Cynthia White for the event Justice for Caleb  Thank you for your support! ❤

Special thanks to Lou LaChat  ❤








7 thoughts on “Justice For Caleb – Tweet Sheet”

  1. Thankyou, Breeze Azrael, Cindy Zimmerman, Cynthia White & Lou LaChat for this #JusticeForCaleb Tweetstorm. This beautiful 3mth old puppy has touched the hearts of animal lovers, worldwide. Personally, I will never forget Caleb, even though I never knew him….his cries of pain will forever resonate in my memory! Run free, Little Man….no one will ever hurt you again!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pupies are like badies, please get the person before they get a bady or child:(
      no one will be safe with that is on the streets.i tried to contact chris pollack from new york, he is a real life super hero, called the knight gaudian.at washington park.i hope estella jordan the lady who found the bady dog, told all she knows.she is a person of interest


  2. Thank you, Breeze Azrael, Cindy Zimmerman, Cynthia White & Lou LaChat for this #JusticeForCaleb Tweetstorm. WE will NEVER give up seeking Justice for Caleb and the many others like Caleb. his death will not be in vain.. 💔💔💔💔🐾🐾🐾😰😰😰😰😰

    Liked by 1 person

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