#SaveTaiz – The Yemen zoo animals

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1   .@PETA We are working hard to spread the news. Please start a campaign to #SaveTaiz zoo animals pic.twitter.com/G5V6jk4scV

2   Pls RT & join the #facebook group to support & help the #Yemen Zoo Animals #SaveTaiz https://www.facebook.com/groups/SaveTaizZooAnimals/ … pic.twitter.com/JYlpPSLEEM

3   .@BornFreeUSA A little help? Starving lions & endangered leopards in zoo in war torn Yemen. #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/pJHDxm0iYR

4   One Of The Two Cubs in Taiz Zoological Gardens, #Yemen. Plz Don’t Foget The Babies ~ Help the #SaveTaiz Animals! pic.twitter.com/6TPJOCwi4w

5     .@walkingForLions We are working to care for the 282 animals in Yemen. Will you help? #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/hjmlFBLl5X

6   One of the 10 Hyenas at #Taiz Zoo. They Need Support for Food & Care. Pls donate- alionsheart.org #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/bIHEi7Lut3

7    #Taiz Zoo has 26 critically endangered Arabian leopards. They need food. Pls help- alionshear.org #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/xON8uSD8uj

8  . Pls help 60 predators get temporary, humane outdoor enclosures (lions, leopards & hyenas). #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/d5SJHnBxQ1

9  .@SirPatStew please help to feed, build enclosures & evac when possible!Donate – alionsheart.org #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/LjnfpSRKdR

10   .@LeoDicaprio They Never Touched Grass ~ only stone Dungeons. Pls Help! Donate- alionsheart.org #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/g7V0BcovCs

11  .@Dodo @LionAid Pls help #SaveTaiz 282 war torn animals trapped in Yemen zoo. Need a Big charity to back donations pic.twitter.com/FCxON2DsZe

12   .@MileyCyrus Pls RT & Help Precious Cubs Caught In War Zone. Donate reg. charity- alionsheart.org #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/ge4tdWQhbZ

13   .@PETA @PETAUK 282 Rare Animals Caught Between Opposing Sides of War. Plz Help #SaveTaiz Zoo. pic.twitter.com/5OsyLRFXd5

14   Pls RT to Help #Yemen Save & Protect Very Rare, Endangered #ArabianLeopards. #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/Z67ruyE9EZ

15  .@bigbird @ProBirdrights Zoo Peacock needs care too. Will you help? Donate- alionsheart.org #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/BRO88SAUT2

16   .@BenAffleck Horrible events in #Yemen for zoo animals. will you help? donate- alionsheart.org #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/U0YwkXsaq7

17  Nile Crocodile in Filthy Water. #SaveTaiz Animals. Don’t Just Love the Cuddly Ones! DONATE- alionsheart.org pic.twitter.com/5OsyLRFXd5

18   .@NatGeo @OneGreenPlanet Please help the cubs in #Taiz zoo. #SaveTaiz donate- alionsheart.org pic.twitter.com/1fa4ML7Psy

19   Taiz Zoo Has 60 Predators, Monkeys, Deer, Lynx & More #SaveTaiz http://nypost.com/2016/02/25/zoo-animals-are-starving-to-death-in-this-war-zone/ … pic.twitter.com/HsDnBdvJoJ

20  .@fourpawsint @fourpawsUK We need a fundraiser backer of reputable Org. Will you help #Savetaiz? pic.twitter.com/0LJYuWOodj

21     .@PaulOGradyShow No life for a king. Please help us liberate 282 animals w/ 60 predators #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/YXLWUkjcPS

22  .@RickyGervais Plz Help! 282 War Torn Animals Trapped in #Taiz Zoo Need Help & Exit. #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/eG99kjjo4j

23  Working 2 Keep the #SaveTaiz Animals In War Torn Yemen Alive While We Wait 2 Get Them 2 Safety. Thx 4 Your Help! pic.twitter.com/vVSqoZOriH

24  .@MileyCyrus They need help and they need an exit! Funds for supplies & transport if rescued. #SaveTaiz zoo animals pic.twitter.com/za4cfHQu0B

25   .@Dodo @DailyMail Pls report again on 282 war torn animals trapped in #Taiz Zoo. They still exist. pic.twitter.com/IXaxhsGngQ

26  Pls Help! Imagine This Is Your Life Behind Bars & w/ Bombs. Need reliable backers for funds dep.! #LionAid #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/u7Ygk0xYsJ

27   RT – 282 #Taiz Animals R Hungry, Scared, Thirsty. Locals Help @ Risk. It’s worth to help! #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/KFe4ZhAgyO

28   “Hell On Earth” & It’s Not Their Fault! Bombs, Bullets & Starvation In #SaveTaiz, Yemen. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/06/10/in-about-two-weeks-the-lions-and-leopards-at-this-zoo-in-yemen-may-be-out-of-food/ … pic.twitter.com/GixTiiHNbV

29    .@pogorphans Pls Help! 282 War Torn Animals Trapped in #Taiz Zoo. Events on the ground are changing! pic.twitter.com/g7V0BcovCs

30  RT – Your donations mean the difference between sunlight & darkness. #SaveTaiz Animal “War Victims” pic.twitter.com/u7Ygk0xYsJ

31   The Move Is On 2 Natural, Sanctuary Type Enclosures Predator rotation. We need Big orgs to back! #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/RE6auMAc3y

32 .@FaunaFloraIntl Pls Help! One of Taiz’s critically Endangered Arabian Leopards. #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/AD4isTChYk

33 .@bigbird @ProBirdrights @Birdsbahrain Pls Help African Grey Parrots at #Taiz #Yemen Zoo! #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/7X9ylRJYh7

34   .@BirdLife_News Plz RT: Please Help To #SaveTaiz Zoo Animals Caught In The Front Lines of the #Yemen War. pic.twitter.com/BRO88SAUT2

35 .@GMA @MarthaStewart Pls Help #SaveTaiz Animals Caught In A War & Report Updates. Will you start a donation fund?pic.twitter.com/ZmJCxG3Sb5

36   .@lauraDern Pls Help! New Lead Free Water/Food Basins & More Needed. Meds & Food Helping Animals In A War! #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/NH87upAvOx

37  .@BenAffleck Pls Support Much Needed Medical Supplies/Vitamins/Food – 282 Animals Caught In WarZone! #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/A1Ip8ATxxw

38    .@LeoDicaprio @peta @Huntingtonpost #SaveTaiz Zoo Animals Caught Behind Lines in WarZone. https://www.change.org/p/president-close-taiz-zoo-and-release-all-animals-to-sanctuary … pic.twitter.com/TdQ3l5xY4X

39  .@ClintonFdn Lions Never Touched Grass. 282 Animals Caught In A Civil War R Starving. Will U Help Them? #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/sHIbQHhp8n

40   @Pink @thelittleidiot Yemen Zoo Animals Trapped In A War. They Need Your Support. Can U Speak Out 4 Them? #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/LjnfpSRKdR

41   .@cher @barbi_twins RT Plz – Animals Got Food but Need More Weekly. Water & Med Supplies. Caught In War! #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/N8DbWN0vFV

42   PLS RT: Starving, Endangered Leopard Resorted to This! Please Help #SaveTaiz Animals Trapped In A War Zone. pic.twitter.com/YxN3zqcvZb

43   .@Cher @Madonna @LeoDicaprio Fears for the lives of rare leopard cubs in war-torn Yemen Please #SaveTaiz zoo! http://dailym.ai/2fWOV3h

44  .@rickygervais @Barbi_Twins HELP~Starving Leopard Ate Dead Mate After Supplies Cut Off by War. Plz #SaveTaiz Animals pic.twitter.com/HjKeAOrdgE

45  .@Alwaleed_Talal Zoo Animals Starved Because of Bombs. Please Bless With Supplies & do something? #SaveTaiz Animals pic.twitter.com/T5DLacxDh5

46   .@LeoDicaprio Food & vitamins are desperately needed to continue their care. #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/0yipuTA64h

47   .@Animal_PlanetTR @AnimalPlanet Black clouds at the zoo but have a silver lining Pls help w/ supplies #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/ggZMiucC3p

48    .@POTUS @HillaryClinton Please help endangered species in war torn #Yemen zoo & help stop the bombs! #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/n3q4rMuEpH

49     .@JaneGoodallInst Pls Help Primates Trapped @ TaizZoo in War Torn #Yemen! They Need Food, Meds + Water #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/Z1Aoxg7UeF

50  .@cnn @HuffingtonPost Zoo Animals Trapped in Yemen War! Pls Support w/Food, Water, Meds & Money! #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/7bztW9CKUA

51   Taiz mayor : Animals are the Victims of Human Conflict in Yemen – Sign Petition! #SaveTaiz https://www.change.org/p/taiz-mayor-animals-are-becoming-the-victims-of-human-conflict-in-yemen pic.twitter.com/urQ0OsoMXI

52   Pls sign to Close Taiz Zoo and Release All Animals to Sanctuary #SaveTaiz https://www.change.org/p/president-close-taiz-zoo-and-release-all-animals-to-sanctuary

53  Pls sign the petition to #SaveTaiz zoo animals. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/867/095/030/we-demand-the-release-of-all-the-animals-from-the-taiz-zoo/ pic.twitter.com/01HtShZtvQ

54   A picture tells 1000 words. If you feel suspicious of #Taiz people. see how kind they are.

55  .@fourpawsUK Will You Help #SaveTaiz? Animals Need Support for donations. Thank You for Helping #Gaza Animals! pic.twitter.com/BXybX3ofYj

56   Plz SAVE Starving “War Refugee” Animals! #SaveTaiz Needs YOUR Support. Don’t Forget Them, They Need Us All. pic.twitter.com/94dqyUrMPs

57   RT – Civil War Tears Yemen Apart & Animals Pay Price along w/ innocents. Plz Help #SaveTaiz Endangered Animals! pic.twitter.com/RaGQjOPkhj

58  #Taiz zoo Animals Need Help! Hungry. Stressed. WarZone. Keep Them Alive Til We Can Move them! #SaveTaiz pic. pic.twitter.com/eB8YT2BMx3

59   Newborn Cubs Died recently But Not Us. Save Us We Are 2 Young 2 Die! #SaveTaiz https://www.thedodo.com/yemen-taiz-zoo-lions-1612911733.html pic.twitter.com/o6qp0bFqpH

60   .@fourpawsint Can U Help? 282 Rare Red-Listed #SaveTaiz Animals in WarZone ~ Starving & Stressed. Need Food & Meds! pic.twitter.com/oSHwreIrxp

61  Pls RT – They R Running Out Of Time. NEED FOOD ~ Near the FrontLines of War. Plz Help Them! #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/rcaY1lVxCr

62  Help Keep Animals Alive Til Rescued? @AnimalDefenders Help/Info Appreciated to find fundraisng backers! #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/RDZk7MQK0W

63   Bombs Drop Daily Near #Taiz Rare Animals. Dangerous For All! Plz Save The Animals #StopTheBombs #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/lFlkRTISt3

64   RT – Imagine The FEAR ~ Living In Middle of a WAR! Frightened As Well As Starving. #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/KhXcTOE8Pi

65  282 #SaveTaiz Animals R Hungry, Scared, Thirsty, & Need Meds. Locals Help At Risk! We Can Give From Safety. pic.twitter.com/tQMWNfvlvS

66   Write a tweet, RT, post, share, send email, donate, sign. Do Something to #SaveTaiz it is better than nothing. pic.twitter.com/XgacL2vr7O

67  RT – Loyal, Unpaid Workers Try To Save Animals Amid Yemen Bombing. We Don’t Like Zoos but This Is “Safety” #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/evW76CfI8v

68  .@WorldAnimalNews Pls Tell Story: #SaveTaiz Animals Need Help. Starving & Afraid In War! http://nypost.com/2016/02/25/zoo-animals-are-starving-to-death-in-this-war-zone/ … pic.twitter.com/yEEtgHLu7E

69  Animals CAN’T Run Away From Bullets & Bombs! @ADefenders Can U Help Save Em? Any Help or Info Appreciated! #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/oeGMnSXB67

70   Volunteers Work 2 Save ALL The Animals not Just The Exotic Cats. Beauty & Life’s Important In A WarZone! #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/Dn31bmA8mj

71   Plz Don’t Forget the Animals #SaveTaiz. They Need Our Love, Our Hope, & Our Money! Read> http://nypost.com/2016/02/25/zoo-animals-are-starving-to-death-in-this-war-zone/ … pic.twitter.com/XoENYWzTUC

72   NewBorns Died, NOT Us. Save Us We Are 2 Young 2 Die! https://www.thedodo.com/yemen-taiz-zoo-lions-1612911733.html … pic.twitter.com/iplzcfptoJ

73   Plz Don’t Forget the Animals of #SaveTaiz. They Need Our Love, Our Hope, Our Money! Read>> http://nypost.com/2016/02/25/zoo-animals-are-starving-to-death-in-this-war-zone/ … pic.twitter.com/BlgGzTUc6v

74   Please support & RT to #SaveTaiz Zoo Animals: #Lion #Leopard #Bird #Reptile & More. Save Them Til We Can Rescue. pic.twitter.com/2MS6M7lcpO

75    #Taiz Animals Try 2 Survive Act In Abnormal Ways. Thanks To You, They Are Stablizing! #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/XK2tW2KFzD

76    .@AJArabic #Taiz #Yemen Pls report on this and help #SaveTaiz zoo animals! pic.twitter.com/OLDBtvnnXK

77   .@TheAnimalRescue See plight of the Yemen Zoo animals. Need support & a charity to take donations to help! #Savetaiz pic.twitter.com/kyGRu6a95y

78   .@Cher @markcowne Taiz Zoo Has 60 Predators & 282 animals some rare. #SaveTaiz http://nypost.com/2016/02/25/zoo-animals-are-starving-to-death-in-this-war-zone/ … … pic.twitter.com/P5Fs8x9PDN

79    .@cher @markcowne Help from World Makes Difference! Need Legit Charity 4 Fundraising. #SaveTaiz Animals pic.twitter.com/pXTIXeBbi7

80    .@JohnSimpsonNews @markcowne We need news coverage updates & transparency about #Taiz Yemen Zoo. Pls #Savetaiz pic.twitter.com/TpcOASmBHB

81    .@NaSakkaf You wrote this article? Will you please report again for updates? #SaveTaiz http://newsweekme.com/yemen-the-abandoned-animals-of-taiz/ … pic.twitter.com/TpcOASmBHB

82   .@Markcowne @Cher Yemen Animals are eating each other because of starvation #SaveTaiz – Sign: https://www.change.org/p/president-of-yemen-abd-rabbuh-mansur-hadi-animals-are-eating-each-other-because-of-starvation

83   .@Cites why is nothing being done to help the #Taiz Yemen zoo animals w/ redlisted rare animals!? #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/Nh0kEdDW7K

84    Pls SIGN to help #SaveTaiz #Yemen zoo animals. https://www.change.org/p/president-of-yemen-abd-rabbuh-mansur-hadi-animals-are-eating-each-other-because-of-starvation pic.twitter.com/Nh0kEdDW7K

85   .@theIRC Do you help wildlife too? Such as the #Taiz Yemen zoo animals. We need a fundraiser for them too! #SaveTaiz pic.twitter.com/LNiRZF21Cq

86   .@dodo @OneGreenPlanet @_AnimalAdvocate Pls promote: http://www.alionsheart.org Animals starving! #SaveTaiz zoo #Yemen pic.twitter.com/BnSxUe4b1B

87   .@BornFreeUSA @Walkingforlions @NatGeo Pls help poor lions! #SaveTaiz zoo Reg. charity LINK- http://www.alionsheart.org pic.twitter.com/cFHkTSv8th

88   .@Cher @MarkCowne @peta2 @PETAUK Pls help! Promote 4 donations #SaveTaiz RIP Haifa http://www.alionsheart.org/take-action pic.twitter.com/v1McO3K1Xm

89    .@pamfoundation @CWIntl #SaveTaiz animals- Food will run out in weeks pls donate/help! -> http://www.alionsheart.org/take-action pic.twitter.com/7V9NZRfwUi

90   .@Cher @MarkCowne *WATCH* Alhreeth’s & Haifa’s first time outside #SaveTaiz @Alionsheart1 https://www.facebook.com/alionsheartorg/videos/574120196108697/ … pic.twitter.com/Ip3jnL2RmD

91   .@LeoDiCaprio @Cher Pls help! Can donate to a reg. charity to #SaveTaiz zoo animals. LINK: http://www.alionsheart.org/take-action pic.twitter.com/C6Je0fyHGh

92    RT #SaveTaiz zoo animals- Food will run out in weeks pls donate! -> http://www.alionsheart.org/take-action pic.twitter.com/6TPJOCwi4w

93   #savetaiz Animals hungry amid Yemen war. Locals need help. http://Www.alionsheart.org registered 501c3 charity. pic.twitter.com/qWdbNBb7j1

94   Endangered leopard. ALONE, ABANDONED, AFRAID, & HUNGRY #SaveTaiz. why does the world ignore??? pic.twitter.com/ilTQD1xQDl

95   .@Cher Please sign & share petition for emergency permits. #Savetaiz zoo animals http://www.thepetitionsite.com/462/892/350/a-request-for-emergency-permits-for-the-animals-trapped-in-taiz-zoo/?taf_id=29653729&cid=fb_na#bbfb=833720470 … … pic.twitter.com/Lklkuw5CpB

96    .@Cher @AlecBaldwin @MileyCyrus @Madonna Pls Donate! feed & #SaveTaiz starving Zoo animals https://www.facebook.com/donate/1151945194841476/ … pic.twitter.com/VJM9iQeiqU

If anyone gets any replies from the tweet targets PLEASE contact me personally on twitter or FB. thank you. 🙂 @Breeze.Cyclone

Tweets by Breeze Azrael , Cynthia White & Barbara Hanna Stiles  for  Save Taiz – Yemen zoo animals event &   Help Yemen zoo animals #SaveTaiz fb group

Pls join the group to #SaveTaiz zoo animals in war torn #Yemen #YemenWar https://www.facebook.com/groups/SaveTaizZooAnimals/ 




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