Support H.Res 752 -#BanDCMT #StopDogCatMeatTrade Tweet Sheet


PLEASE EVERYONE urgently tweet and share widely this sheet for our best friends. THANK YOU SO MUCH.  Please click each link to tweet and share the page! To learn more see Resolution 752

1    .@uriminzok please report. No more dog eating festivals. Good Koreans & world beg you to stop it. #koreanotodogmeat

2     .@EnglishChosun Please report poor dogs boiled alive in Korea. Man’s best friend = love not torture. #NoToDogmeat

3   .@EnglishChosun Pls report. Brave Korean activists protest against horrific dog eating festival. #korea #NoToDogmeat

4   .@RepJBridenstine Pls co-sponsor HRes 752 to end sick practice of boiling dogs alive #BanDCMT #StopDogCatMeatTrade

5   .@keithellison Pls co-sponsor HRes752. Stand w civilized world. End dog torture/death #BanDCMT #StopDogCatMeatTrade

6   .@RepJeffries Pls co-sponsor HRes752 STOP dog torture/death of 30,000,000 dogs a year in China & Korea #BanDCMT

7    .@US_HouseOfReps Thanks for sanctions on Korea! Pass HRes 752. Pets stolen/tortured Cruelty beyond measure #BanDCMT

8    .@LisaVanderpump Ask US House Reps to Co-sponsor HRes752. No Yulin/Boknai festivals Cruelty beyond measure! #BanDCMT

9   .@RepTimRyan Pls co-sponsor HRes752. Save cats/dogs from thieves who torture resulting in cruel death. #BanDCMT

10   Thank you brave Chinese activists fighting for Dogs & cats lives! Majority of Chinese agree! #StopYulinNow #BanDCMT

11   #BoycottChina until dog/cats torture is stopped. Even FAKE FUR can be cats/dogs FUR! #BanDCMT #StopDogCatMeatTrade

12     .@RepLowenthal @RepGraceMeng Pass HRes 752. Take a stand against boiling dog/cats alive. #stopdogcatmeattrade

13   .@RepMoBrooks @repbenalbritton pass HRes 752 We want to lead the world in compassion. #stopdogcatmeattrade

14    .@RepTomMarino @RepJeffDuncan pls support HRes752 lets help brave Chinese activists #stoodogcatmeattrade

15   Thank you brave Chinese activists rescue dogs from being boiled alive. @dodo #stopdogcatmeattrade @DailyMail

16    .@DanaRohrabacher Pls Support HRes 752 @RepSteveChabot. Show the world what compassion is about stopdogcatmeattrade

17    .@DanaRohrabacher @RepTomMarino Pls support HRes 752. #StopDogCatMeatTrade @SenateDems #DontEatDogs

18    .@RepMattSalmon @RepSteveChabot Pls Support HRes 752. Where is the humanity? #stopdogcatmeattrade now

19    .@RepLowenthal @RepGraceMeng Lets help brave Chinese activists & #StopDogandCatMeatTrade Co- sponsor HRes 752

20    .@SenSanders @SenateDems Pls Co-Sponsor HRes 752. Say no to boiling dog & cats alive. #stopdogcatmeattrade #BanDCMT

21    Pls retweet encourage reps to co-sponsor HRes 752. @RepMattSalmon @US_HouseOfReps #notodogcatmeattrade

22     .@US_HouseOfReps @dodo Support HRes 752. Boiling pets alive is not ok! #stopdogcatmeattrade #boycottOlympics

23   .@US_HouseOfReps No animal should suffer like this! Support & Pass HRes 752 #stopdogcatmeattrade #BanDCMT

24   .@KoreanTravel This is not acceptable! #BoycottOlympics. #StopDogCatMeatTrade

25   .@koreanfilmfest Pls speak up & say #stopdogcatmeattrade! @koreanindie

Tweets by Cynthia White for the campaign to stopthedogandcatmeattradeworldwide

Pls visit and sign petitions to help! Thank you ❤

Also our other petitions which include all the worldwide petitions from our group and many others across the globe – Urgent Online Ongoing House Resolution 752 Combined Events




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