Help A Lions heart #SaveTaiz Zoo animals. Please donate & share

Please tweet as much as you can and also SHARE! Click each link to tweet 🙂 thank you ❤

1   .@BCEFA Alionsheart is the ONLY registered charity helping #SaveTaiz Zoo. Find it in your heart to donate/promote!

2   .@GirlsGeneration Angels needed to fund food for #Taiz Zoo animals. is their ONLY hope.

3    Yemen war 400 meters from taiz zoo. Pls retweet. Animals left to starve eating each other #savetaiz @PAFJordan

4   Animals in war torn Yemen are starving. @un They need food now! . #savetaiz zoo animals.

5   #savetaiz zoo animals. War torn Yemen zoo animals trapped. Many starve. Visit @dodo

6   Graphic! Trapped lion Taiz zoo survives bombs & guns but need food & meds. U.S. charity

7   Endangered Arab leopard resorts to cannibalism. #SaveTaiz zoo animals. @PAFJordan @John_CITES @UN_Spokesperson

8   Thin Crocodile lives amid Yemen war & filthy water. #savetaiz zoo animals. Needs food & sanctuary. @rickygervais

9   Hyena exists in concrete prison. Alone & hungry. @peta #SaveTaiz zoo animals in war torn Yemen @HuffPostUK

10    #SaveTaiz zoo animals living in war torn Yemen. leopards went 2 weeks no food. They need food & sanctuary

11    .@peta2 @Peta We need answers now! Animals are in peril. Pls contact Amy @ w/info #saveTaiz

12  .@Peta2 @Peta Why say you help w/out a fundraiser? HOW helping! ONLY charity #SaveTaiz!

13   Amid war in Yemen endangered leopard lives in concrete prison hungry scared. @CITES

14   Don’t look away! R.T or donate Amid bombs in Yemen war they need food @timkaine.

15   Croc in filth! We can’t just love the cute ones. Save #Taizzoo animals. @SenatorReid

16   Help. Emergency funds to feed animals needed! #savetaiz zoo animals. @SenatorLesniak

17   Starving zoo animals in war torn Yemen need emergency food & sanctuary. Plus support reg charity @SenatorReid

18   #SaveTaiz zoo animals in war torn Yemen. @peta please support ONLY reg charity helping.

19   Amid bombs they still hope that someone cares. #saveTaiz @cher

20   .@BornFreeUSA @LIONAID only reg charity feeding lions #Taizzoo. Pls help food needed

21  King of the jungle in small prison in war torn Yemen Do something. RT/Share/Donate. #SaveTaiz zoo animals

22   Endangered leopard needs food rations. @cites Dont look away RT/Share/Donate @rickygervais

23   #SaveTaiz zoo animals NEED FOOD now & then sanctuary. @dodo @dailymail Pls report again!

24   Desperate in Yemen zoo. #Taiz zoo animals need DONATIONS. Pls report @HuffingtonPost @cnni

25   The Animals Didn’t Ask 2 B In Middle of A War! PLZ Help,Donate> the ONLY reg org! #SaveTaiz

26   #SaveTaiz Zoo Filled w/Exotic & Endangered Species. They Need Our Help! Plz Give ANY Amt at

27    A Lion’s Heart – only charity w/ boots on ground needs help from animal groups @WWF @IFAW *Pls. Don’t Look Away!*

28   Why does the world ignore #Yemen? War killing humans & animals. We must help #Taiz! @WWF @CITes @SavetheChildren

29   .@Buzzfeed EXTINCTION IS FOREVER! #SaveTaiz RARE Animals. $4,000 Week To Feed. Plz Donate 2

30    .@HillaryClinton Prisoners of man, innocent & starving. #animalwelfare #SaveTaiz #lions

31   .@ChelseaClinton No life for a king. Bombs & hunger, pls help? Donate! #SaveTaiz #Yemen

32  .@Cher Pls donate that’s all we ask. We need big donors PLEASE?

33    .@CoryBooker Pls help these poor souls! Don’t let them starve again! #SaveTaiz #Yemen

34   .@PETA @IFAWUK Urgent support/ FOOD needed for 282 #Taiz #Yemen zoo animals. #SaveTaiz

35   .@BuzzFeedAnimals Pls report on Taiz #Zoo. NO FOOD-NEED FUNDS. Reg. charity needs help NOW.

36   .@BarackObama @JoeBiden URGENT: Emergency support needed for the #Taiz #Yemen zoo animals. Pls donate & RT #SaveTaiz

37   .@DailyStarLeb Taiz Zoo in #Yemen needs help! Charity in DIRE NEED of donations! #SaveTaiz

38   She waits for hope. #savetaiz @WorldAnimalNews @washingtonpost @guardiannews

39   .@Alecbaldwin We cannot look away from the prisoners of Taiz. Help them today! #savetaiz

40   .@StephenKing A shell of the the kings they were. Help us #SaveTaiz zoo animals.

41   .@Dubai @AbuDhabi Pls donate? We need help! #SaveTaiz or #savetaiz

42   .@Dubaiinformer Negotiating release. We fight to save them before they starve. #savetaiz

43   .@Dodo @NatGeo Pls report on Taiz #Zoo animals. NO food again. Reg. charity needs help NOW.

44   .@Cher A govt building was attacked 500m from zoo. #savetaiz #runningoutoftime #prayfortaiz

45    .@UN We need fast donations for drinking water. Donate! & #SaveTaiz

46    How can we look away? They are the voiceless prisoners. SaveTaiz @WorldAnimalNews @mashable

47   .@Sting Pls Adopt to help animals in Taiz zoo? The Starved prisoners. #SaveTaiz #PETA

48   .@Vanityfair @VanityfairUK Pls promote? Death rides fast w/out Food/water. #Savetaiz

49   .@NYdailynews The Animals Didn’t Ask to be POW’s! Pls Promote

50   .@vsamra3 Pls sponsor to fund food for #Taiz Zoo animals. is their ONLY hope. #SaveTaiz

51   #SaveTaiz Zoo endangered animals. Animals Left 2 Starve! Can U Donate Even Small Amt? Tax Deductible.

52    #SaveTaiz Animals Left 2 Starve on WarFront. Tax Deductible at or

53   .@ClintonFdn Animals Extinct In Wild Being Saved at Taiz Zoo. Animals Left 2 Die Supported By Donations. #SaveTaiz

54   .@Cher An UPDATE about Taiz Zoo animals. Proves is helping. Please donate to #SaveTaiz?

55   .@JaneGoodallInst Can You RT or Publicize? #SaveTaiz Animal Plight URGENT! Donations at

56   Help #SaveTaiz Animals! Buy 2017 Calendar: Tax Deductible DONATION

57   Join Us! Take “5 BUCK CHALLENGE” & Help #SaveTaiz Starving Animals! Every $ Counts. Give at

58   Can YOU Help? Any Amount Helps Save These Animals Left 2 Die In A War! Give 2 #SaveTaiz

59   .@AC360 Can U Report On Urgent Situation In Yemen? Ppl of World Keep Animals Alive in WarZone. Publicize #SaveTaiz!

60  Shop SmileAmazon on Amazon & Help #SaveTaiz Animals! Donate

61   Can U Give $5 Month? Can U Give 1 Time $10? Every $ Helps #SaveTaiz Animals in Urgent Need!

62   We Need Emergency Support 4 #SaveTaiz Animals! Please Donate or

63   $4,000 Week 4 Food & Water Take “FIVE BUCK CHALLENGE” w/ Friends. See What $5 Can Do!

64     .@cher Plz Tell the World! We Need Orgs to Publicize #SaveTaiz Animals need help. Donate at

65   .@Pink Pls RT 2 Help #SaveTaiz Starving Animals Caught In War? Situation Urgent. Donate at

66   #AnimalRights RT 2 Help #SaveTaiz Animals. Trying 2 Save Til Can Be Moved. Tax Deductible:

67   #SaveTaiz Animals Need Food NOW! Even 5 Bucks Will Help. Plz Give A Tax Deductible Donation

68  If We Don’t Give,They Don’t Live. It’s THAT Urgent! Even $10. It’s Tax Deductible. #SaveTaiz

69   When You Shop Amazon, Shop AmazonSmile & They Donate to . #SaveTaiz

70   Sorry 2 Be “Same Old, Same Old” But #SaveTaiz Animals R Starving! Plz GIVE Tax Deductible:

71   .@kimbasinger Can You Help #SaveTaiz Starving Animals by RT? Situation Is Dire! Donate at

72  Ppl Doing All For #SaveTaiz Starving Animals! Can You Donate $5 Monthly? Or One Time Gift:

73   Do THE FIVE BUCK CHALLENGE 4 #SaveTaiz! Donate at & Challenge 2 Friends. How Far Can $5 Go?

74   Worldwide Support Needed in Emergency! Thx 2 All Who Donate. Every $ Saves! #SaveTaiz

75   $5 Month Can Make Diff Between Life & Death. #SaveTaiz Animals In Urgent Situation. GIVE at

76  Situation Improving But #SaveTaiz Animals Need URGENT Help – $4,000 a week. Tax Deductible>

77  Water Is So Basic – Til We Don’t Have Any. Plz Help #SaveTaiz Animals Get Safe Drinking Water! Take THE $5 CHALLENGE

78   #SaveTaiz Animals Break Hearts. Keep Them Alive Til We Get Moved From WarZone! Pls give:

79   Can You Help? Any Amount Donated Is Welcome! Situation URGENT 4 #SaveTaiz Animals. Give>

80  They Have Been Discarded. Some Have Died. NO MORE! Plz Help #SaveTaiz WarZone Animals At

81   #SaveTaiz Animals Need Food & Water. If You Have ANY Xtra Cash It’s Needed Urgently! Donate

82  People Around World Work 2 #SaveTaiz Animals. Thank You! We Can Donate If We Don’t Paint>

83   Never Could U Give “The Gift of Life” 4 So Little. One Time or Monthly. Any Amount #SaveTaiz

84    Plz Follow @alionsheart1 4 Updates & Info. They Are The ONLY Registered Non-Profit Working 2 #SaveTaiz Animals.

85   Even The “Scraps” Get Used 4 #SaveTaiz Animals! Please Donate When You Can. Need Help ASAP

86  Give Mama A Hand. She’s Trying 2 Care 4 Her Babies! Donate 2 Registered Working 2 #SaveTaiz

87  .@fourpawsint small reg charity needs emergency funds for food #yemenzoo. research/support

88   Look At This Face! How Can We NOT Help? There R Less Than 200 Left, But ALL Animals Matter

89    .@ArabianLeopardP Can U Help w/RT’ing? Trying 2 #SaveTaiz Animals. Thank You 4 Any Help.

90    Please Give! #SaveTaiz Animals Need $4,000 Weekly 4 Food, Water, Meds. Donate Tax Deductible

91   Food & Meds Needed Now! Situation URGENT. Please Donate to All Amts Welcome! #SaveTaiz

92    Imagine If We All Gave $5 Month 2 #SaveTaiz. Imagine Some Give $10? Plz Help> Tax Deductible

93   .@MileyCyrus Plz RT: #SaveTaiz Animals! $4,000 Needed Weekly. Tax Deductible Donations at

94    If We All Gave $10, #SaveTaiz Animals Would Have Food/Water For Months! Registered 501c3

95   A Lion’s Heart Only NonProfit Helping #SaveTaiz Starving Animals. Tax Deductible Donations >

96    .@kdlang Can You RT 2 Help #SaveTaiz Animals Left 2 Starve? Tax Deductible Donations at >

97   RT: Plz Join Us In Tweeting For Starving #Taiz Animals Caught Behind Civil War Front Lines. Situation Is URGENT!

98 .@Cher Registered charity, tax deductible pls help #SaveTaiz zoo animals? Its 4k a week for provisions.

99  Pls RT/donate to #SaveTaiz Starving Zoo Animals! Funds go directly to registered charity.

100  #SaveTaiz Zoo Animals Starving to Death WAR Zone #Yemen Need Permits OUT! RT SIGN Petition

101  .@AnimalDefenders #SaveTaiz Rare Animals Need Food, Safe Water, & Meds. $4,000 Weekly. Give

102   Someone is looking for food. #savetaiz #endangeredspecies #trappedinawarzone #donate

103   .@Cher The food has run out. Pls help to #SaveTaiz w/ reg. tax deductible #Charity

104  Pls donate/ RT or Theyve run out of food! #Taiz #Yemen

105  .@brigitte_bardot Pls #SaveTaiz #Yemen Zoo animals. NO $$$$ for this weeks food supply!

106   Pls #Donate to #nonprofit #Charity caring 4 entire zoo in #Taiz #Yemen war zone. #YemenRaid

107   Pls research & support ONLY reg charity feeding desperate animals in #yemen @action4ifaw

108   .@RickyGervais Along with #Yemen ppl are Taiz Zoo animals on brink of starvation. Pls help.

111   Pls sponsor Alsamet the “newsweek” lion. They need nourishment asap.

112  BREAKING NEWS! We Need Emergency Support 4 #SaveTaiz Animals! or

113   .@Pontifex We pray for help with donations to save Taiz Zoo animals in Yemen. Pls help us!

Tweets by  Breeze AzraelCynthia White & Barbara Hanna Stiles for#SaveTaiz- starving zoo animals

To donate click: A Lion’s Heart or  Donate by paypal




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