Shut down the #KremlinKlan & EcoTerror #WarOnWildlife! Share & Tweet!

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1    SHARE & RT! Sign the petition to tell Congress: Stop #Trump from starting nuclear war –

2   Sign now: Tell @jasoninthehouse: “Do your job.” Investigate Trump’s corruption via @CREDOMobile #p2

3     #followthefacts @SpeakerRyan you must allow independent investigation of Russian influence on election.

4    Muslims? Women? The Press? Minorities? Dems? Vegans? #Trump says all are the enemy except Putin! @CNN

5    #Trump calls on reporters he “likes” I want news from ALL not just the “chosen” ones. @CNN. @ShepNewsTeam

6   Ridding us of EPA, dismantling Endangered species, loss of healthcare, bans press”, religious bias #trumpism

7    He responds to SNL instantly but sadly no response to anti semitism attacks??? @CNN we need answers! #Trump

8   Pres Bush “Free Media essential to Democracy” #Trump bans media he doesnt agree w/ @FoxNews silence is deadly.

9    We want INDEPENDENT commission to review #Trumprussia ties! @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats

10   Why doesnt #Trump want him in US? 9/11 terrorists all Saudi Arabian not Syrian @LindseyGrahamSC @VP #Trump

11   No more diversions! We want answers on Russia hacking election. BIGGER THAN WATERGATE @HouseGOP remember that?

12   Enough smoke screens! 17 intelligence agencies say Russian involvement. @housegop We want answers! #kremlinklan

13    #kremlinklan. Putin and his cronies are held in the highest regard, yet we disrespect and insult our allies?

14   During Sexual Abuse Awareness Month, (named by trump), sexual abusers of a feather flock together. #wednesdaywisdom

15   Trumps #MuslimBan is Un American! Give me your poor, your tired, your weak…. Remember that?

16   Why wont #Trump be informed by Natl security agencies? Perhaps his #Russian ties will be exposed! #kremlinklan

17   Massive number of Americans believe Russia interfered in election. #trump cant recall @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats

18   Why was the #Trump team meeting w Russian camp during elections? @FBI @cia We need answers! This is alarming.

19    The Russians aren’t coming. They’re here. On Trump’s Cabinet. #KremlinKlan Please read & watch:

20   Read this Sign Mr. Trump @realDonaldTrump #muslimban RETWEET!

21   .@MaxineWaters See Ivanka with BFF, wife of Russian who Trump is “buying steel” for Keystone. #kremlinKlan


23   Priorities? Before we worry about “make believe” threats from Mexico lets tackle the real problems! @HouseGOP

24   .@SenateDems #Trump wants to sell 32000 acres of #PublicLands for #fracking. Help #Resist!

25   Ready to fight Trumps destructive agenda? Get Trump Action Toolkit #KremlinKlan #resist

26    .@HillaryClinton @BillClinton Defend Alaska’s #Wolves & #Bears From Congressional Attack #NoOnSJR18

27   Dont let Trump Gut Protections for Wetlands, #EndangeredSpeciesAct. Stop this! @SenateFloor

28   Why did top #Trump aids have constant contact w high level Russians? @HouseHomeland @DHSgov we need answers.

29  Trump has just signed an executive order that will threaten countless waterways in the US. Sign Petition!:

30  This means @realDonaldTrump & his #KremlinKlan should leave! We are not fooled! #TrumpRussia Hillary warned us.

31  Don’t Let Trump & the #GOP Kill the Endangered Species Act! #BanTrophyHunting Sign petition!

32   .@realDonaldTrump We Have One Question: WHERE ARE THE JOBS??? #KremlinKlan

33    Tell #Trump that you don’t want ground troops in #Syria. It’s not our war and unneccessary! Sign petition:

34   Limit Tax Money Spent on the Trumps! #Trumpleaks #KremlinKlan Sign the petition: @moveon

35   RT – Trump is a traitor, liar and scammer. #KremlinKlan #TrumpLeaks #Deplorables

36    When will constituents gonna see the @GOP & Trump does NOT care about them! #KremlinKlan

37   Tell Congress to support the Presidential Tax Transparency Act #TrumpTaxes sign petition:

38   .@RepSanfordSC @RepWalterJones Please get more republicans on board! Thanks for this, WE need to see #TrumpTaxes!

39  Trump Hotel Deal Tied to Iranian Terrorist Group #KremlinKlan hypocrites had the balls to lie about Hillary.

40    Pls SIGN! Over 1 million already! RELEASE #TrumpTaxes NOW! …

41   Jews say Never Again to hatred cloaked as national security. Sign petition to fire Steve Bannon from the NSC:

42   Signature needed: Tell @USDOL not to let Wall Street scam retirees #p2

43   #kremlingate We need to know if our pres is with Putin or the US! Only pres in my life that doesnt provide taxes!

44   Outrageous #KREMLINKLAN —–>Trump adviser admits to contact with DNC hacker

45   .@tedlieu @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerRyan @SenMajLeader People who VOTED for U REMEMBER who SCREWED them #KremlinKlan

46   Sounds eerily familiar! @SenSanders please moniter this #kremlingate. @CNN @AlJazeera

47   #China has no EPA & High cases lung cancer in kids! Dont gut our EPA! Clean air a right not a privilege @SenateGOP

48   World’s scientist & NASA say #climatechange is real! @VP @potus pls tell me where you are getting your data!

49  Answers NOW! Is Putin or Trump calling the shots? Criticism of allies yet embracing Putin & communism. #KremlinKlan

50   True patriotism! True love for one’s country includes honest reviews and criticism president. #trump @FoxNews

51    Breitbart reports all men at Saudi women’s healthcare conference. Below? US GOP women healthcare conf. Questions?

52   #trumps gop week in review! 1. Remove healthcare. 2. Kill baby bears 3. Restrict womens rights 4. Pollute rivers

53   #trumps gop all vote to kill baby bears hibernating with mom in den. @SenateGOP do tell how you justify this?

54    All of #Trumps GOP Voted yes to cruel HR 69 allows killing baby wolves asleep in den w their mother. @HouseGOP

55    Breitbart report on all male womens health conference in Saudi Arabia. Below US GOP Womens health conference. #trump

56   Sen John Mccain says Putin is a “thug & murderer”. @SenJohnMcCain we couldnt agree more. Country before party.

57    #Trump GOP voted yes hr69 allows hunters to gas & shoot wolf babies asleep w mom @SenateGOP have you no #shame?

58    .@IvankaTrump Pls stop wearing fur. This is where your fur comes from. He had needs and felt extreme pain.

59   #trumps thugs vote to kill baby bears while hibernating w moms! @DailyMail @HouseGOP how do you justify this?

60    How can ANY human being support 24 mln losing their healthcare insurance? @HouseGOP @SenateGOP #trumpcare #SwampCare

61  #Shame @SenThomTillis @SenatorBurr @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems

62   Strange that a room full of men are making decisions on women and their healthcare. Typical #trump and #gop

63   These 2 senators = #putinspuppet supporters. Not helping America obstruct #trumprussia Vote them out #TheResistance

64  Names & Twitter accounts of every #GOP opposing an Independent Investigation of #TrumpRussia. Covering up #Treason?

64    Save Horses from being slaughtered! Kentucky legislature setting the stage for the slaughter of horses wiyh SB139 »

66   #Trump friend Putin leaves dozens dead for criticizing him as was MrLitvinenko. We value FREE speech #kremlinklan

67    Tell Congress: Shut down and #InvestigateTrump! #KremlinKlan #Trumpleaks @moveon

68    #TheResistance‏ @GOP @SpeakerRyan @Dems See if you can point out the real welfare queen in this picture.

69   GOOD NEWS: The Trump admin finally found a member not tied to Russia. BAD NEWS: He’s a Nazi. #GorkaMustGo

70    GOP voted to allow people to kill wolves & pups sleeping in dens & hibernating bears—this is wrong. Speak up!

71    Tell @POTUS & @EPAScottPruitt you’ll fight their anti-environment attacks: via @NRDC

72   Ivanka & @MelaniaTrump have some compassion. Here is your fur coat! He had feelings & needs. #Trump #stopwearingfur

73   THUGS: Old White Men Plot To Take Away Maternity Care These same idiots judge Islam on women!! USA #OPPRESSION

74  RT-ACTION ALERT: Call Devin Nunes’ office & ask why he’s obstructing #Trump #KremlinKlan investigation (202)225-2523

75   Trump’s war on terror has quickly become as barbaric and savage as he promised. #KremlinKlan destroyer of humanity

76    What do the US GOP & Saudi Arabia have in common? They implement laws about women with NOT 1 WOMAN PRESENT! #Trump

77   Hillary Clinton’s Stunning Campaign Statement About Trump’s Ties To Russia” #KremlinKlan #Hillary2020 #HillaryKnew–Hillary-Clinton-s-Stunning-Campaign-Statement-About-Trump-s-Ties-To-Russia

78   RT if you agree Trump should immediately disclose all of his ties & connections to Russia #KremlinKlan #HillaryKnew

79   #Trump Senate voted 52-47 to murder Hibernating Bears. PSYCHOPATHS! #KremliKlan #GOP

80    Urge your Rep. to OPPOSE a bill allowing the trade of #Elephant #Ivory! SIGN:

81    .@GOP Dont gut Endangered Species Act! It has been the most effective tool against extinction. #trump war on animals

82    .@dodo @USFWS This is not good news for manatee. This is about the #trump admin dismantling Endangered Species Act

83    Tell White House Senior Adviser Suspected of Supporting Nazi-Allied Group: You’re Fired! #TrumpRussia #KremlinKlan

84   .@JohnCornyn @USFWS Dont dismantle the #ESA. I want my grandkids to see eagles, panthers, & manatee in the wild

85   NO hunting #wildhorses! @USFWS how many species will go extinct? Barbarism should not be an American virtue!

86   .@dodo @DailyMail pls retweet

87    *Except: a) The election was rigged by a foreign adversary; b) The President is under FBI investigation for treason

88   #KremlinKlan Corrupt #GOP McConnell: “There is no principled reason to vote against Judge Gorsuch” @burgessev

89  (MEGA-THREAD) RETWEET if you to understand the legal implications of Mike Flynn seeking immunity from prosecution.

90   BREAKING: Trump says that as soon as he’ brings coal jobs back, he will get Fotomat workers back to developing film.

91   One new bill introduced about every 4 days attacking Endangered Species Act or an endangered species! #ESA #SaveESA

92   .@SenAngusKing voted to kill bear & wolf families @ national wildlife refuges in Alaska for FUN. VOTERS pls remember

93   DON’T FORGET! Every GOP Senator Voted to Legalize Killing Of Baby Bears And Wolves, Mothers In Wildlife Sanctuaries.

94    Govt Data Confirms Fears The Endangered Species Act Is ‘Held Hostage By Radical Agendas’

95   Endangered Species Act saved symbol of freedom from extinction. Don’t weaken the ESA! @jiminhofe @SenatorLankford

96   .@DonaldJTrumpJr filmed dragging a shark from the ocean for a SELFIE before release. SELFISH SOB #Oceana #OpSharks

97   When #Trump goes down, NO to Pence! @HillaryClinton is Potus! NO special vote needed! @VP #KremlinKlan #TrumpRussia

98   As learned in Senate hearing, these are Russian tactics: Trump spreads fake news on @HillaryClinton! #KremlinKlan

99   .@GOP #EndangeredSpeciesAct is 99% effective & has 90% support in U.S It MUST be protected! #ESA

100   Sign the petition: Stop the attack on the Endangered Species Act #WarOnWildlife #KremlinKlan #ESA

101  .@interior @USFWS How could you!? This is DEPLORABLE! Stop the #WarOnWildlife!

102   Inside Kremlin Propaganda Machine: Russian blogger exposes Russia’s Internet troll factory #KremlinKlan #TrumpRussia

103   Facts are black & white! I took the pledge and you should too. #pledgetruth #alternativefacts #KremlinKlan

104    Defund @SenateDems who help confirm Gorsuch, ‏@ChrisVanHollen @DSCC. Looking at you @SenBennetCO @ChrisCoons

105  We Agree! @MaxineWaters says “I’m going to deal with this president and his incompetency.” #KremlinKlan #MAGA joke

106   .@SenateGOP continue their attacks on the scientific foundation of #EndangeredSpecies Act:

107    .@AkGovBillWalker Pls stop this & say NO to killing bear families! This is appalling. Stop the #WarOnWildlife #Shame

108    #EARTH2TRUMP: Join #theResistance to Trump’s Attack on Our Environment & Civil Rights.

109   .@AkGovBillWalker This is in your State’s jurisdiction now. Pls take a stand against cruelty & say NO!

110  .@USFWS PLEASE do NOT let this happen! @SecretaryZinke Stop the #WarOnWildlife Protect Jaguars!

111  IGNORE THE TREASON!! Lets just be sure to find out who the whistleblower is! #treason #trump #kremlinklan


113   Eagles would be extinct if not for Endangered Species Act. @EPWGOP @SenJohnBarrasso dont gut ESA. No #WarOnWildlife

114   Tell Congress to reject attempts to gut the Endangered Species Act. via @CREDOMobile

115    .@real_sessions lied under oath about his contact w/ the Russian amb. He must go! #KremlinKlan #TrumpRussia @moveon

116   #Syria city was gassed & Trump wants to be friends! #KremlinKlan His remarks are meaningless to actions. @WhiteHouse

117  Rep. @MaxineWaters says she won’t stop fighting Donald Trump until he is impeached:

118   Pls join #Antichrist #Trump & the #apocalypse If you want to learn more.

119 Reminder: @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats #HillaryWon & is the rightful president. #TrumpRussia #KremlinKlan

120  DEMAND Congress OPPOSE HR 226 – African Elephant CONservation & Legal Ivory Possession Act

121   Syria gas attack and Donald Trump’s military response don’t add up – unless Putin orchestrated it. #KremlinKlan

122   #RussiaGate #KremlinKlan KEEP AN EYE ON THE BALL! @TomPerez @MaxineWaters @SenWarren @SenKamalaHarris @SenGillibrand

123   Pls RT As one of the 74% of Americans (ABC/WaPo Poll) demand to see Trump’s taxes & not_ paid to hold that opinion.

Tweets by Cynthia White & Breeze Azrael for the group Trump & his KLAN must GO!

Join our sister group  Antichrist Trump & the apocalypse 



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