Tweet Storm to Ban Horse Slaughter

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1    Ban #horseslaughter for good. STOP THE HORROR & Pass the 2017 #safeact HR 113 @USRepGaryPalmer @RepMoBrooks

2   #SAFEAct HR 113 US horses not safe to eat! Not inspected! Ban#horseslaughter @RepTerriSewell @RepMarthaRoby

3   Lets stop the horror & ban #horseslaughter for good! Pass the #SAFEACT HR 113 @BradleyByrne @RepMikeRogersAL

4     It is time, they deserved to live Pass the #safeact hr113 ban #horseslaughter @RepRubenGallego @RepAndyBiggsAZ

5    Stop #horseslaughter for human consumption. Pass the #safeact hr113 @RepTrentFranks @HouseGOP

6    Uninspected U.S. horses w/ known toxins exported & enter global food supply @DailyMailUK @HuffPostUK #safeact

7  Pls RT this petition that demands more transparency and accountability from the government’s (rogue) Wild Horse and Burro Program. If we are doling out the money then let’s see some proof of BLM claims: …

8   Protected mustangs are slaughtered! @RepLarryBucshon @RepRichHudson @RepBuddyCarter ban #horseslaughter #yes2safe

9    Have a heart! Stop #horseslaughter & stop toxic horses in food supply. #yes2safe @RepGusBilirakis @USRepLong

10    Ban #horseslaughter stop the 1% of U.S horses brutally killed. Pass SAFE Act hr113 @cathymcmorris @RepMGriffith

11     .@SenatorCollins @SenJackReed @lisamurkowski @SenatorTester No tax money 4 #horseslaughter Support #UdallGrahamAmend

12   Ban #horseslaughter w HR113 SAFE Act We are poisoning the world with toxins #yes2safe @RepDianaDeGette @FrankPallone

13    Ban #horseslaughter! It’s barbaric & is poisoning global food supply. @repbenraylujan @RepSchrader #yes2safe

14   Lets ban #horseslaughter & stop toxic food in global food supply. #yes2safe. @RepBuddyCarter @repgregwalden

15    Pass SAFE ActHR113 ban #horseslaughter & stop toxic meat in global food supply @USRepLong @RepRichHudson #yes2safe

16     Bute is toxic to humans Lets #banhorseslaughter & pass SafeAct hr113 #yes2safe @RepMGriffith @RepGusBilirakis

17   Lets Pass HR113 Safe Act. #banhorseslaughter #yes2safe @RepTimMurphy @MarshaBlackburn @cathymcmorris

18   US horses toxic #banhorseslaughter! Pass HR113 SAFEAct. #yes2safe @michaelcburgess @RepFredUpton @RepShimkus

19    Pls RT this petition that demands more transparency and accountability from the government’s (rogue) Wild Horse and Burro Program. If we are doling out the money then let’s see some proof of BLM claims: …

20  #wildhorses in Killpen @SenatorTomUdall @SenateApprops Pls see Bastrop Ship Pen on fb #stoptheroundups. Natl Academy Science says no overpopulation. #neverforget CO rancher shipping 1900 “protected” mustangs to death! #banhorseslaughter @washingtonpost

21   Pls SIGN! Tell U.S Reps 2 sign on as cosponsors 2 #HR113 #2017SAFEAct & END #HorseSlaughter 4 Human Food #Yes2Safe

22   @BLMUtah @RobBishopUT #EdRoberson who signed off on #EA For #WildHorse #RoundUp Hunting permits issued over the top this year #BigGame @UtahGov

23   She is Josie She’s NOT a number. @HouseDemocrats @VP IT IS TIME lets pass the SAFE Act hr113 & ban #horseslaughter

24  Where is the “SIGNED” #EA on this #RoundUp of our #wildhorses …

25 Multiple Babies in upcoming Dec 9th #BLMIA Please come on over take a look & help find them a forever home #Mustangs … #Alliance4WHB

26   .@RepBuddyCarter @repgregwalden @RepEliotEngel Our horses don’t belong in our FoodChain #YES2SAFE NO #Horseslaughter

27  Horses, trapped @ Bouvry Exports feedlot in Canada, await a horrific fate – slaughter. Be their voice. Learn the facts behind this predatory industry. Educate. Work together 4 change. #horseslaughter …

28   The # of House co-sponsors for SAFE Act (HR 113) is now 201! We need 218 to claim a majority in support of banning horse slaughter. Keep the momentum going: Send a message to your members of Congress: #yes2safe #nohorseslaughter

29   Pls RT this petition that demands more transparency and accountability from the government’s (rogue) Wild Horse and Burro Program. If we are doling out the money then let’s see some proof of BLM claims: …

30    Tell congress no #horseslaughter …

31    They fought for us it is time to fight for them. Pass the SAFE Act HR 113. Ban #horseslaughter #yes2safe. @VP

32   Stop sending horses to barbaric DEATH. Lets pass the SAFE Act to ban #horseslaughter #yes2safe @potus @VP

33   Takes 30 seconds to fill out. Tell your reps NO to #horseslaughter #yes2safe. …

34  Graphic Remember the horse you outgrew and sold to “nice man” at auction. Here he is in slaughterhouse. Horses are for life! Lets #banhorseslaughter for good

35   Please @SenatorCardin try to push through the #Yes2SAFE act, HR 113 bless you you sir

36   Pls SIGN! Tell U.S Reps 2 sign on as cosponsors 2 #HR113 #2017SAFEAct & END #HorseSlaughter 4 Human Food #Yes2Safe

37    Killing is not a management tool @BLMNational @RyanZinke @Interior! Our #publiclands are overrun w/ livestock!

38   Takes 30 seconds to fill out! Please tell House approps NO SLAUGHTER of #wildhorses

39    71Act protects #wildhorses from “capture/branding/harassment/death,” @rollcall @SenJeffMerkley @SenatorTester

40   We want investigation @RepChrisStewart @CNN #horseslaughter & #yes2safe #safeact hr113

41 This is what a #killpen horse looks like! Meet my Gabriel rescued day before going to slaughterhouse. #yes2safe

42      TX/LAkillpens2Mexican slaughterhouses #Yes2SAFE S1706 @frontlinepbs @BillCassidy @tedcruz @SenJohnKennedy @WSJ

43   .@RepChrisStewart @MarkAmodeiNV2 manipulate Congress #wildhorses #Title18 Pls read: …

44    S1706 #yes2SAFE now in Senate! Call ur 2senators 2end #horseslaughter! @timkaine @CoryBooker @SenStabenow @GOPHELP

45    “This is not mgmt. This is purgatory.” @BLMNational crimes against 71Act. #wildhorses @JeffFlake @NRDC @CREWcrew

46    #WildhorseAnnie Help pass on a living legend 2 our children! Do it 4Annie! @NewsHour @JeffMerkley @SenatorTester

47  Pls tag ur rep/senators. : Enough of our taxpayer $$$ has gone in2 #wildhorse roundups which r not scientifically supported (NAS). @SenatorTomUdall let’s raise AML’s & put imprisoned horses back on legal lands. No to #welfareranchers @11thHour @MSNBC

48   .@USDA backtags on US horses enroute2 slaughter in Mexico. #banhorseslaughter pass S1706 @alfranken @SenBobCasey

49    Call ur lawmakers 2cosponsor HR113 in House/S1706 in Senate. Here’s 5 good reasons! @SenFeinstein @SenatorCardin

50  #AtlasAirWW @asahi @JPN_PMO @JapanEmbDC @CFIA_Canada @CFIA_Animals These animals r NOT raised 4 food! #Yes2SAFE

51   22mil acres of #wildhorse legal herdareas have disappeared. Who benefitted? @SenateApprops @rollcall @Reuters @AP

52  1.THREAD #BLM runs an extra mile to convince #Congress, #Senate and #Public that #WildHorses & #Burros are overpopulated, wants to gather & sell/kill them. #WelfareRancher’s propaganda. Comparing the #Livestock grazing the numbers prove: this is a MYTH.

53   Across the country mustangs are showing up in kill pens. Here is mustang in Bastrop Ship Pen. There are many. Are these protected #wildhorses? Is this slaughter pipeline? This would explain 1000’s of missing horses in #blm prisons.

54   Best friends and family! Not food. Please pass S1706 the new SAFE Act. @SenateGOP @SenateDems #yes2safe

55   Current push 2kill #wildhorses is the work of this puppet, ChrisStewart (UT). Vote him out! @rollcall @MSNBC @AP

56   No science behind #wildhorse roundups. 20yrs since last count @ChrisMurphyCT @Sen_JoeManchin @MotherJones @AP

57   @DailyMailUK @nytimes @nbc We are poisoning the world with toxic un-inspected horse meat. @washingtonpost

58   .@SenateApprops BLM program EPIC FAIL Big $ cost to us & Natl Academy Science says no #wildhorse overpopulation.

59   Killing not a mgmt strategy, @SenateApprops End war on #wildhorses! @BBC @DerSPIEGEL @politico #BelovedWorldwide

60    Disconnect b/w 1971Act 2protect #wildhorses & current BLMmgmt! @NRDC @KenCalvert @billmoyers @SenatorLeahy @WSJ

61   Thank u @horowitz39 @thehill 4exposing #Zinke plan 2kill #wildhorses. Up2 @SenateApprops …

62    It IS a #health #foodsafety issue @SenBobCasey @SenToomey #Yes2SAFE S1706 @PhillyInquirer @PittsburghPG PA❤️

63   Exposing ringleaders of pro #horseslaughter pro #wildhorseroundup anti-animal agenda. C/o @CaranSusan synopsis @CBS

64.@BLMNational wild horse round ups cost millions. Let them be! They are not overpopulated or starving. @SenateDems

65   .@blmnational #wildhorse program=epic failure. Costing us millions. Simple solution, set them free! @SenWarren

66   Friends & family, not food. Lets pass S1706 & #banhorseslaughter for good. @SenSanders @SenateMajLdr #yes2safe

67   .@SenJohnMcCain @SenateDems @SenateGOP 80% of us want to #banhorseslaughter. Pls pass S1706 HR 113 #yes2safe

68   .@senatorburr @SenatorCollins @SenateMajLdr We the people want to #banhorseslaughter for good. Pass S1706 HR113

69    .@SenKamalaHarris @ChrisMurphyCT @SenatorCardin lets pass S1706 hr113 & #banhorseslaughter #yes2safe

70    .@timkaine @SenSanders @SenWarren Lets #banhorseslaughter 80% of us are against it. Pass S1706 #yes2safe

71   Thank you horse warriors!! @SenSchumer @SenatorTimScott @SenBobCasey pls pass the SAFE Act S1706 #yes2safe

72   Pass s1706. Homes & rescues cant outbid killbuyer prices @SenBobCasey @SenSanders #yes2safe @SenatorBaldwin

73   Takes 30 seconds pls fill out. …

74    .@SenateMajLdr No euthanizing our #wildhorses 80% public says NO, Per Natl Acadamy Science NO overpopulation.

75   .@SenatorLeahy @SenThadCochran. Pls vote no killing of our #wildhorses. Per Nat Acadamy Science no overpopulation

76    CALL NOW! Don’t stall! They will kill our #wildhorses if we don’t fight! @SenBobCasey @RepMeehan @SenToomey @thehill

77    Please help #wildhorses. Vote #nokill. EPIC BLM failure. Thank you.@SenatorTester @SenThadCochran @SenShelby

78    .@JohnKennedyLA @ChrisMurphyCT @SenatorDurbin @SenatorCollins No #roundups #nokill #wildhorses thank you!

79   .@JohnBoozman @tammybaldwin #nokill #noroundups #blm =badmanagement of PROTECTED #wildhorses @jackreed Thanks!

80   .@marcorubio @PattyMurray @SenFeinstein pls repatriate herds. And vote #noeuthanization #noroundups of #wildhorses.

81   .@SenatorTomUdall Hero 4 #wildhorses. Thanks! #nokill no #roundups. There is no scientific evidence of overpop.

82   .@SenateApprops pls protect #wildhorses. #nokill Ask him for EVIDENCE of bogus OVERPOPULATION CLAIMS. Thank you …

83    2 #horseslaughter realities: cruelty & #foodsafety. Support S1706 #Yes2SAFE @SenSchumer @SenJackReed @DickDurbin

84    Can Senate @GOPHELP @HELPCmteDems @SenAlexander @PattyMurray move SAFEActS1706 2 @SenateFloor #banhorseslaughter

85  S1706 in #HELP @GOPHELP No2 obstruction #Yes2SAFE! NOT raised 4food. @SenatorEnzi @SenatorTimScott @thehill

86   “All wild free roaming horses & burros are declared under jurisdiction of secretary to PROTECT & MANAGE. ” 1971 #Wildhorse & Burro Act. @BLMNational @BLMDirector

87    #wildhorses live in familial herds Aunties help raise the babies. Imagine the terror being chased by a helicopter stripped from the range, their family, & all they have ever known. @BLMNational stop this archaic terror!

88   We are letting our heritage & “living spirit of the pioneer west” go extinct. And we the people are picking up the tab! All so #welfareranchers can inhabit #publiclands with their cows. Per NAS No overpopulation of #wildhorses

89   #wildhorses are to be protected and managed by scientific standards per 1971 Wild Horse & Burro Act. @BLMNational YOU hired Natl Academy Science. They said no overpopulation. Your catering to #welfareranchers is irrelevant.

90    Great news out of @SenateApprops #GOPSenateApprops 4 #wildhorses & burros! Senate support 4 horses but will have conference w/ House to rectify 2 versions, key calls needed! ACTION ALERT @ReturnToFreedom link below!

91  Disfigured by multiple brands. Languishing in pens 2appease #welfareranchers. STOP abuse @RepTedLieu @RepAdamSchiff @repdinatitus @rollcall

92   Driven off range by whining ranchers & helicopters. Languishing w/ no shelter fr the elements. No stimulation. “Protected” Mustangs.

93   Where are the “protected” #wildhorses in #blm prison camps? Satellite images appear to show many empty lots. Remember Colorado rancher selling 1900 to slaughter? @BLMNational @dodo I remember

Tweets by Cynthia white for the FB group  United Horse Warriors on Twitter  & the Event Tweetstorm #banhorseslaughter #yes2safe 2017  

Special thanks to Mary Kostanski Brost Kelly Bast & Linda Jo  and Zita Fekete for their tweet contributions ❤ 


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